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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston

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Motorcycle riders have the same rights as any other driver on the road, yet car and truck drivers often fail to respect those rights or are unaware of how to share the road safely. Unfortunately, this, compounded with the vulnerability due to the lack of structural protection makes a rider particularly vulnerable to injuries during a collision. If you’ve been injured due to another driver’s recklessness or negligence and are unable to work, experiencing chronic pain and suffering, or are struggling with medical bills, reach out to our motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston. Our experienced team will fight on your behalf to secure the damages you deserve.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle riders are five times more likely to be injured in a collision than passengers in a car or truck and 25 times more likely to be killed. This is troubling, and many people point to motorcyclists as being at fault. However, this is rarely the case. Motorcycle riders tend to be much more safety-conscious and take care to follow proper traffic rules because they know the risks of an accident.
Instead, a majority of collisions between a car or truck and a motorcycle are the fault of the other driver. Our experience finds these types of accidents often relate to the following factors:

  • Speeding or reckless driving
  • Pulling out in front of a motorcycle
  • Failing to yield to a bike
  • Crowding the lane
  • Distracted driving

motor accident lawyer in houston

Common Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, during a motorcycle collision, the rider doesn’t have the protection a car or truck driver has. There are no steel frames or airbags to cushion and absorb impact, so the rider is more likely to be harmed. Common injuries after a collision include:

  • Skull fractures, concussion, and traumatic brain injury;
  • Spinal injury
  • Road rash and severe laceration and bruising
  • Broken or fractured bones

Often the injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident require significant medical intervention and treatment, and they also cause chronic pain and suffering, leaving the victim permanently disabled and unable to work.

Statute of Limitations

In Texas, it’s important to begin securing legal representation as soon as possible. Due to the statute of limitations, accident victims only have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim in court. Also, the sooner you begin working with an attorney, the sooner they can begin working on your case and negotiating a settlement or building a case in your favor.

Who Is Liable for a Motorcycle Accident?

Texas follows a “shared fault” liability, also called “modified comparative negligence.” This means that if a motorcycle accident attorney takes the case to court, the jury will determine where the fault lies and how much, if any, each party is at fault for the collision. If the plaintiff is found to be 50 percent or less responsible for the collision, they can receive compensation from the defendant, though the damages are subtracted by the percent at fault.

Example of Modified Comparative Negligence

Let’s say you are injured in an accident because a driver collided with you while merging onto the interstate. However, you were going ten miles over the speed limit at the time of the accident. During the civil trial, the jury finds that the accident was 20 percent your fault and 80 percent the fault of the other driver. At the same time, the jury finds the sum of damages is $100,000. Using modified comparative negligence, the jury would subtract 20 percent and award you $80,000.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Fighting for You

If you’ve been injured while riding your motorcycle, we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Houston will investigate what led to your accident and identify all liable parties involved. Working with expert witnesses, we will diligently pursue fair and appropriate compensation, whether we negotiate a settlement or take your case to court.
Attorney Jack Todd Ivey has been officially designated by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a certified specialist in personal injury law and brings over 25 years of experience to his clients. This experience and knowledge are blended with a passion for justice for his clients, and the entire team of the Ivey Law Firm follows that same dedication. From the first consultation to the completion of your case, we’re with you at every step.

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