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What should I do after a slip-and-fall accident?

The legal course of action that may be most appropriate for a Texas resident to take after a slip-and-fall incident will depend on a number of factors. As such, it is important that readers facing this question seek independent legal advice for their unique situations. This post is offered as information only and is an overview of possible steps that victims may take after sustaining injuries in slip-and-fall accidents.

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After a slip-and-fall incident a victim should always seek medical attention for their accident-related ailments. It is important that they have their medical issues treated so that they do not get worse, but seeing a doctor also creates a record of injury for a patient when it comes to demonstrating the harm they suffered and the costs they were forced to incur when another party’s negligence caused them to fall.

Once one’s medical needs are attended to a victim can begin to take note of any and all facts that were relevant to their slip-and-fall incident. For example, if their fall happened in a parking lot or store, they may recall if there was sufficient lighting to see in the location or if there were any warning signs posted that wetness, uneven ground, or other factors could affect individuals’ safety. Recording these facts can help a victim rebuild the event that caused their harm when they meet with their personal injury attorney.

Finally, a victim should avoid discussing their possible claims with the party that caused them to fall. Doing so may impair their future ability to sue or may introduce questions into whether the victim had any role in causing their own harm. These and other steps should be discussed with readers’ attorneys to best prepare them for their own personal injury cases.