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Legal Assistance for Unique Trucking Accident Cases

Big trucks and commercial vehicles play an important role in the system of supplying retailers with goods throughout Texas and the rest of the country. Semis, big rigs, and other large vehicles have massive storage capacities and can haul items over long distances and to locations in remote parts of the nation.

Despite their utility, though, big trucks can be dangerous. For motorists, it can be hard to see around them and they can be difficult to maneuver near when truck drivers fail to stay in their lanes or abide by posted speed limits. Truck drivers can make dangerous decisions when in their rigs when they speed, fail to follow hours of service rules, and allow distractions to influence their driving behaviors.

Unique Trucking Accident Cases for Houston Lawyer

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A trucking accident is an extremely misfortunate event that can cause severe physical and emotional damage to the injured party. With a trucking accident, however, there are unique problems that arise when victims attempt to pursue their losses and file a personal injury lawsuit

We’re sharing why it is essential to get immediate legal assistance in the case of a trucking accident in order to succeed.

Why Hire Legal Assistance For a Truck Accident?

It is first and foremost important to understand that it is extremely difficult to recoup all your losses if you face a truck accident lawsuit alone. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and face the unique problems associated with trucking accidents such as:

There Are Multiple Liable Parties Involved

A truck accident is not simple. There are always multiple liable parties involved. You will have to file a claim against and pursue multiple parties to gain compensation for your losses. Liable parties can include:

  • The truck driver 
  • The company
  • The shipping company 
  • The truck’s manufacturing company
  • Any involved mechanic

Dealing with multiple parties is not an easy scenario. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you deal with all the liable parties at hand.

There are Multiple Insurance Companies Involved

Each liable party will bring its insurance company into the playing field. Dealing with one insurance company is difficult in itself. Dealing with multiple insurance companies can be a nightmare. 

Every insurance company has different policies, and so has to be negotiated with accordingly. A truck accident lawyer can go back and forth with the insurance companies, leaving you time to heal and recover from the accident.

There Are Other Vehicles Involved

Trucking accidents often involve more than one motor vehicle. For example, a car pileup on a highway. In such a unique case, the other drivers and occupants will also be filing lawsuits either against the truck driver, or the several drivers involved.

In such a unique trucking accident case, it can become difficult to pursue a lawsuit on your own. This is where it becomes beneficial to hire legal representation.

Complex Truck Laws

There are numerous complex truck laws that will play a big part in determining the outcome of your lawsuit. Trucking laws are established and overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These laws are not always easy to comprehend and navigate. 

Keeping these complex trucking laws in mind, it is highly crucial to understand them and protect your evidence. Otherwise, it could get destroyed and make your case far more difficult to win.

A truck accident lawyer will ensure your evidence is protected. They will also know how to apply laws and regulations to the benefit of your case.

Trucking Accident Injuries

Truck accidents often result in serious, and even fatal injuries. The more serious your injury is, the more unique and complex your case becomes. Examples of injuries from truck accidents include:

  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Loss of vision
  • Blindness
  • Paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Limb Amputation

In order to gain compensation for such injuries, sufficient evidence has to be presented. A professional truck accident lawyer will know how and when to gather evidence and use it to build your case.

Contact Ivey Law Firm For Legal Representation For Unique Trucking Accidents 

The Ivey Law Firm in Houston, TX recognizes the unique problems that truck accident victims may face when they decide to pursue their losses and begin litigation. From understanding how to file a lawsuit to assessing the appropriate defendants and damages to include in their pleading, a truck accident victim can benefit from legal support from the outset of their case. We will ensure you get the representation you deserve. Schedule a free case consultation and evaluation with a truck accident attorney today by calling 888-335-0015 or filling out the form below.