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Whose responsibility are outdoor slip-and-fall accidents?

Walking into a restaurant or a supermarket, customers have an expectation of entering a safe and hazard free premises. Then it is unfortunate when the owner or possessor of the building they are entering does not take the necessary precautions to ensure their premises is safe and also the area outside is free from risks. When an injury takes place as a result of the owner’s or possessor’s negligence, it might be possible to hold them accountable through a premises liability lawsuit.

Many may believe that slip-and-fall accidents taking place indoors are only actionable, but this is not the case. Houston owners are also responsible for the conditions outside of their premises. Premises liability arises when the owner/possessor failed to take appropriate precautions or to rectify a problem that created an accident that led to someone else’s injuries.

One common type of slip-and-fall accident is caused by inadequate lighting in parking lots, trips over curbs, falling on a step, cracks or uneven surfaces. If the property owner should have known or did know and did not remedy the situation, premises liability may arise. The property owner is responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe parking lot, including filling holes and patches in the area. They should also ensure that the slope is gradual rather than sudden, to prevent falls. Even though sidewalks are not the property owner’s responsibility, if their customers are using that sidewalk exclusively, courts might find them responsible for ensuring it is risk free.

Getting injured due to someone else’s negligence creates an unreasonable burden on an accident victim, as he or she suddenly has to deal with hospital bills and injuries acquired through no fault of their own. An experienced attorney might be able to present legal options of recovery to accident victims.