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Parents disapprove of distracted driving, but do it themselves

by | May 23, 2019 | Car Accidents

According to a recent study, about half of all parents who are from the Millennial generation disapprove of distracted driving, saying that it is never a safe practice while behind the wheel. Among parents from earlier generations, closer to 60 percent say that the practice is always unsafe.

However, this same study also suggests that these parents may need to do a better job practicing what they preach. Indeed, over 66 percent of those asked admitted that they had on at least one occasion tried to read a text while driving, while a little over half also admitted to composing texts while driving.

Having a smartphone is more and more becoming a social expectation rather than a luxury or convenience, and with that expectation comes the assumption that adults are available all the time to answer calls or texts from their employers and from their family members.

As a result, many people feel a pull just to answer that one text or send that one email that is often strong enough for even responsible parents, who know distracted driving is a bad idea, to give in and send that one electronic communication. The more they manage to get away with doing so, the more likely they are to repeat the same behavior.

No matter how important they may think that communicating via text or email may be, Houston residents need to remember that texting and driving is both illegal in Texas and is dangerous behavior that can cause a serious accident. If a driver chooses to ignore this danger and causes an accident as a result, there are real consequences.