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Understanding the risks of approaching a car accident

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

Car accidents occur every day on Houston-area roadways. Unfortunately, the area around a crash scene may be dangerous for approaching motorists. In fact, recently, a motorcyclist died after hitting the back of a tow truck that had responded to an automobile crash in northeast Houston.

As a motorist, you may come across a car accident at any time. Still, you do not have to be in the initial collision to be in danger. Here are some reasons accident scenes put oncoming motorists at increased risk for a collision:

1. Sudden stops

If you regularly travel the same stretches of road, you likely expect traffic to move at a consistent speed. Still, if a vehicle in front of you collides with another car or stationary object, traffic is likely to slow considerably. If you are not paying attention, you may have a rear-end collision with a slow-moving vehicle.

2. Changed traffic patterns

When police officers respond to automobile accidents, they may use traffic cones, vehicles or flaggers to temporarily alter the flow of traffic. Still, they do not have time to study how changes in traffic patterns may endanger other motorists. Reducing speed and watching for lane changes are both effective ways to avoid an accident near an existing accident.

3. Emergency vehicles

Ambulances, tow trucks, fire engines and even helicopters may be present at an accident scene. These vehicles may move in ways you and other motorists do not expect. If you are not careful, you may collide with an emergency vehicle either sitting in or moving into a driving lane.

4. Distracted drivers

Even minor car accidents can be a spectacle. Accordingly, drivers may redirect their attention from the roadway in front of them to see what is happening at the accident scene. As you know, distracted driving for any reason may contribute to subsequent automobile accidents.

Few things can derail your plans or endanger your life faster than an automobile collision. Because subsequent accidents often happen after initial ones, you should always watch for dangerous conditions around any crash scene you approach.