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We represent victims of slip-and-fall accidents

It’s amazing how easily a fall can seriously injure a person. Particularly as one ages, even slips and falls from seemingly low heights or even from walking level can lead to broken bones, soft tissue injuries and even brain or spinal cord injuries.

The reality is that anyone of any age and medical condition can experience a serious injury from a slip-and-fall, particularly if it is from a height or involves the collapse of other objects, such as an unstable arrangement of retail merchandise.

While they occasionally just happen because they are part of life, slips-and-falls are often preventable. For instance, slick or wet flooring in a shop, office building or even a private residence could cause a fall. Likewise, broken stairs or rails, defective flooring or pavement or objects that either are or happen to fall into the path of someone passing by can cause falls.

In these sorts of circumstances, an injured Houston resident should consider whether the owner of the property might be financially responsible for his or her losses. In Texas, landowners have certain legal responsibilities to keep the property safe and secure for their guests and for others who have permission to be on the premises. If they fail to do so and a person suffers an injury from a fall as a result, the landowner can be held legally responsible.

Of course, few property owners will be excited about admitting fault for a fall. Likewise, their insurance companies may draw an unfairly hard line about paying compensation for a victim’s injuries, even when the victim’s claims for medical bills and lost wages are legitimate.

Our law office is available to assist victims who find they are facing an uphill battle to get the compensation they deserve.