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Vicarious liability claim after a truck accident

The damages in truck accident cases can be extremely high. To start, a victims physical and emotional well-being can be devastated. In some instances, victims are left with long-term pain and suffering that can be debilitating. Making matters worse is the fact that truck accident victims can also see significant financial losses, primarily through medical expenses, lost wages, and lost earning potential.

When an accident is caused by the negligence of another, then a personal injury lawsuit may be justified. Yet, in the context of truck accident cases, many drivers are unable to pay the full extent of damages suffered due to insufficient resources. This can leave an accident victim unable to secure the medical and financial help they need to recover their losses as fully as possible.

Fortunately, individuals in this situation may be able to recover compensation from a trucker’s employer through a vicarious liability claim. This legal theory allows an employer to be held liable for the actions of its employees. A vicarious liability claim will likely succeed if it can be shown that the accident in question occurred while an employee was on the clock, performing his or her job duties, and there was in fact an employment relationship between the driver and the employer. If successful on one of these claims, an accident victim may be better positioned to recover the full compensation needed to alleviate his or her damages.

Going head-to-head against a truck company in a court of law can be scary. Aggressive attorneys who know how to argue the law in their favor often represent these businesses. This is why truck accident victims should think about securing the competent assistance they need to increase their chances of succeeding on their legal claim.