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2019 pedestrian accidents hit highwater mark

The number of fatalities due to pedestrian accidents has been rising at a disturbingly high rate over the last 10 years, having increased over 50%.

A preliminary report from the Governors Highway Safety Association concluded that 6,590 people died in 2019 pedestrian accidents, which is 5% higher than 6,227 people who died in 2018. The number is the highest it has been in a generation or about 30 years.

As a state, Texas also did not fare very well. In 2018, Texas reported 297 pedestrians deaths. In 2019, according to preliminary figures, 313 died, which is an increase of 5%.

These statistics fly in the face of the broader trend With the increases in the last decade, pedestrian deaths make up a 17% share of all traffic fatalities across the country. In 2009, this number was only 12%.

Most of these deadly accidents happened on urban roads as opposed to the highway. Likewise, most of these accidents happened at nighttime. Over the past decade, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents at night increased by close to 70%; for accidents in the daytime, the increase was closer to 20%.

These numbers suggest that some of the issues involve the lack of safe areas where people can cross the street. Also, more work can be done to make both cars and pedestrians more visible, particularly at night.

However, the report said that oftentimes, poor drivers cause these fatal accidents. For instance, distracted driving and fatigued driving are often contributing factors to pedestrian accidents. Intoxication also often contributes to pedestrian accidents.

When a careless or reckless driver kills a pedestrian, the victim’s family may have legal options available that will help the family recover from their loss.