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Dangerous driving practices that lead to bike accidents

Bicycle accidents and the injuries that often result from them can be caused by negligent and dangerous drivers. While motor vehicles and bicycles are supposed to share the roads and their drivers and riders should obey all traffic laws, too frequently motor vehicle drivers ignore their duty to operate safely and responsibly and undertake actions that put bicycle riders at risk. Many Texas families have experienced the first-hand tragedy of coping with the aftermath of a vehicle-bicycle crash.

One way that drivers create hazardous conditions for bicyclists on the roads is by simply not looking for them. Whether they are preparing to turn right or even change lanes, a driver who does not check for a bicyclist may pull in front of them and cause a preventable collision. Drivers should always check their blind spots before maneuvering on the road.

Another way that drivers cause tragic bicycle accidents is by failing to give them space. When a driver fails to pass a bicycle with enough room between them, they may pull in front of the bicycle too soon and clip the bicyclists front wheel. Drivers who misjudge oncoming bicyclists and who turn in front of them may be hit by bicyclists who had both the right of way and insufficient time to stop to avoid their crashes.

Many vehicle-bike accidents are caused by drivers who just do not follow expected driving rules. They may hit bicyclists while distracted or may cause collisions because they are speeding or running red lights. Any form of negligent driving may be the cause of a deadly collision between a bike and a motor vehicle.

The pain and trauma of recovering from a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. Legal professionals who support personal injury clients can help those in need with working through their legal rights and options. This informative post should not be used as legal advice.