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What do you know about delayed car accident injury symptoms?

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Car Accidents

Could that twinge you feel in your back have ties to your recent auto crash in Texas? You must know the full extent of your accident injuries to receive full and fair compensation.

Metro Healthcare Partners explores common delayed injury symptoms associated with car crashes. Do not shrug off even minor discomfort.

Abdominal pain

Any fainting, vertigo or pain or bruising in your abdomen that you experience may indicate internal bruising triggered by a motor vehicle accident. You should receive immediate medical attention if you suspect internal bleeding, as the condition may prove fatal if left untreated for long enough.


Pay close attention to headaches in the days and weeks after your accident. Your body may use a headache to alert you to a blood clot or a head or neck injury. There is even a chance that you have a traumatic brain injury. Either way, have a physician perform a thorough examination to uncover the reason for your pain.

Back pain

Do you blame your age on your recent back pain? Car accidents sometimes cause numbness, discomfort and a loss of sensation in the back. You may have a herniated disc, injured soft tissue or whiplash. The pain may require more than over-the-counter medication and back stretches.

Shifts to your behavior or mood

Maybe you, your friends or the people you live with noticed a change in your mood or behavior since your incident. If so, you could have an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury, also indicated by difficulties with memory, hearing and coordination. Do not mistake a brain injury for expected temporary psychological distress after an accident.

Medical professionals may help you build a personal injury case. Let them help you gather evidence that facilitates a fair legal outcome.