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Crossing the street and pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, you face many hazards on the road and the odds of an accident increase at certain times (such as periods of inclement weather and different times of day). If you need to cross the road, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you do so at a designated intersection or crosswalk. The CDC reports that a majority of pedestrian fatalities occur on urban roads at night outside of intersections.

Tragically, many pedestrians die while trying to cross the road, especially when careless drivers fail to observe traffic safety guidelines.

Reviewing risk factors that pedestrians face

Crossing the road is especially dangerous during the night, when many drivers have a harder time seeing pedestrians. During 2017, more than 5,900 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents and estimates suggest that 137,000 received care in emergency rooms for injuries sustained in accidents. Many pedestrian accidents involve drivers under the influence of alcohol and as a pedestrian, you need to remain alert at all times, especially if you need to cross the road. Make sure you have the ability to see vehicles before crossing and never try to cross the road in a dangerous environment.

Reviewing other safety measures

In addition to crossing the road cautiously, you can take additional measures to reduce the likelihood of a pedestrian accident. For example, make sure you walk facing traffic and look into wearing reflective clothing to help drivers see you. Sometimes, pedestrians become distracted or unable to look out for vehicles due to intoxication or electronic devices. However, negligent drivers continue to hit cautious pedestrians far too often.