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Two semi-trucks collide on I-45 near Madisonville

One need only recollect the massive size of the semi-trucks and tractor-trailers they often see traveling on Texas’ roads and highways to understand the damaging potential such vehicles possess. Not only can a truck accident result in serious injury (or even death) to all those involved, but the possibility of extensive property damage is also present.

The common assumption is that those prone to be the most likely victims of truck accidents are traditional motorists. Yet what about the potential risks truck drivers might pose to other truckers?

Truck driver killed, another injured in collision near Madisonville

Indeed, truck drivers may be just as likely to suffer from the recklessness and/or errors of their colleagues. This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred near Madisonville. Per the local Fox News affiliate, slowed traffic on Interstate 45 prompted one truck driver to slow his vehicle. A second semi-truck following him, however, failed to do so, colliding into the back of his truck. That trucker died from injuries sustained in the collision, while the driver of the slowed semi-truck suffered minor injuries.

Compensation for injuries and property damage

At first glance, one might question the decision of truck drivers in cases such as this (where accidents involve other large trucks or commercial vehicles) to pursue a liability claim (given that the responsible parties died in the collisions). Yet given the massive property loss one might have to deal with just from the damage caused to their trucks (on top of the medical costs for any injuries they sustained), they may have little choice but to seek compensation from the other drivers’ estates. Liability claims might also extend to a liable trucker’s employer (if the actions contributing to an accident fell under the scope of the driver’s employment).