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Why does drowsy driving cause so many crashes?

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

Drivers like you face numerous dangers on the road. Some are more obvious than others, such as driving while intoxicated. But did you know that drowsy driving is sometimes even deadlier?

Drowsy driving causes many crashes every year, and a large number involve serious injury or fatalities. Why is this the case? What makes drowsy driving so risky?

The prevalence of drowsy driving

Sleep Foundation discusses the ways that drowsy driving can impact driver safety. Drowsy driving occurs any time a driver gets behind the wheel without having enough sleep beforehand. Many people swear by wakefulness tips and tricks, but in reality, none of them help in the long term. The only way to cure drowsy driving is by getting sleep.

Unfortunately, many people do not do this. That is the first reason why drowsy drivers get into so many crashes. Many people admit to driving without getting enough sleep. Many even admit to dozing off while behind the wheel recently. This makes your chance of running into a drowsy driver much higher than your chance of running into almost anyone else.

Sleeping at the wheel

Next, driving drowsy means the driver has a chance of falling asleep at the wheel. This is the most dangerous position to be in. When unconscious, a driver has no way to react to anything around them. Dangers will pass them right by without their notice. Most of the deadliest accidents happen when a sleeping driver crosses the highway meridian or drives off the road.

These risks contribute to the rise in drowsy driving awareness. As long as people remain unaware, the risks posed by drowsy driving will remain prevalent.